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Technology, Production and Testing

Chengdu Action Electronics Joint-Stock Co., Ltd was established in 1998 and has been producing gas alarm detector for 23 years. We have domestic leading research and development ability in gas detector, as well as industry-advanced level in A-bus technology and integrated technology. In the industry’s earliest large-scale batch application of bus technology, the company first introduced integrated technology to solve the plug-and-play problem of sensor modules in the industry.

Since started, company has a good business reputation and has been awarded numerous honorary titles by relevant units and state agencies. And it’s the TOP1 domestic gas safety protection system overall solution and equipment supplier. All its products have passed the test by China National Supervision and Test Center for Fire Electronic Product Quality and obtained the national 3C certification, the manufacturing measuring instrument license issued by the Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau, and the explosion-proof certificate issued by the national-level instrument and meter explosion-proof safety supervision and inspection station.

The company has the industry 4.0 standard workshop for the annual output of 15 million MEMS sensor research and development projects. It has a modern gas detection equipment production line, 2 SMT high-speed patch production lines, and an annual production capacity of 4 million detectors and alarms, could deliver the goods in the shortest time to meet customers’ demand. And it has established a complete and sound marketing channel, and is a qualified supplier of China Gas Group, ENN gas, China Resources gas and Ganghua China gas. It has the market access certificates of PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC, Xinjiang oil and gas field, southwest oil and gas field branch, Daqing Oilfield Materials Group, etc.